lunch1 W2S1 [lʌntʃ] n [U and C]
[Date: 1800-1900; Origin: luncheon]
1.) a meal eaten in the middle of the day
What's for lunch ?
She ate a small lunch before the meeting.
Perhaps we could have lunch before you go.
I think I'll have soup for lunch .
The two women went out for lunch together.
Let's break for lunch now.
I'm afraid he's at lunch until two.
I'll take you out to lunch next time I'm in town.
They're having a working lunch in Mr Savil's office.
A dozen senators met over lunch with the Chinese ambassador.
The walk is expected to last all day so bring a packed lunch .
a café serving light lunches and snacks
The kids get a hot lunch at school during the winter.
see usage notedinner
2.) there's no (such thing as a) free lunch
used to say that you cannot get anything without working for it or paying for it
3.) out to lunch informal
behaving or talking in a strange or crazy way
COLLOCATES for sense 1
eat (your) lunch
have (your) lunch (=eat lunch)
have something for lunch (=eat a particular food or dish at lunchtime)
go out for lunch
break for lunch (=stop doing something in order to eat lunch)
be at lunch (=not be in your place of work because you are somewhere else having lunch)
take somebody (out) to lunch
working lunch (=a lunch during which you also do business)
over lunch (=while eating lunch)
packed lunch British English
bag lunch American English (=food such as sandwiches that you take to work, school etc)
light lunch (=a small meal at lunchtime)
hot lunch (=cooked food, rather than sandwiches)
lunch 2
lunch2 v formal [I]
to eat lunch
lunch with
I will be lunching with a client.
lunch on
I lunched on bread and olives.
lunch at/in
We lunched at Maxim's.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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